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AdSigner is a perfect solution and essential support to communication strategy of bigger companies, which send a massive daily amount of e-mails to various recipients.

Now you can easily:

  • reinforce internal & external sales communication;
  • let everyone inside and outside the company be instantly up-to-date with the information;
  • set up unique ad campaign for the whole company, single department or one person;
  • create highly professional e-mail signatures;
  • provide your audience with targeted ad banner content on a daily basis for free.

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Key benefits

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powerful analytic tool
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fast & easy-to-use online service
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manage everything in one place
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sell, cross-sell, upsell in no time
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internal & external communication reinforced
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all employees as sales people
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attractive e-mail-siganture-banner content

How does it work

sales manager solution
sales manager solution
sales manager solution
sales manager solution
sales manager solution

AdSigner makes it possible, that every department can have a different banner at the same time.

Case Study on a Common Enterprise Issue?

Case in point

Dive into the actual example in our blog Case Study with Enterprise

“AdSigner solves the problem by transforming traditional e-mails into a new marketing channel with a great sales potential.”
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