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Discover a new e-mail signature generator that saves plenty of your time.

Now all the hard work is done for you with fast & easy-to-use online service:

  • No more HTML coding. Table layouts are ready to use.
  • No more inline CSS.
  • No more testing - works perfectly in all major e-mail clients.
  • Ad banners are changed automatically.
  • Updating e-mail signatures without the need of reimplementation.

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Key benefits

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simple banner change
use case
powerful analytic tool
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reliable security
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fast & easy-to-use online service
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manage everything in one place
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supported by all main e-mail clients
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no HTML coding, no CSS inline

How does it work

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Generate e-mail signatue

  1. Choose template
  2. Enter signature data
  3. Invite signature users
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Run banner campaign

  1. Set a time schedule of the campaign
  2. Insert banners
  3. Let campaign run automatically
Case study with IT Manager: “It’s a real time-saver!”

Case in point

Dive into the actual example in our blog Case Study with IT Manager

“Instead of 7.5 hours, I spent less than one hour in one month for consistent arrangement of e-mail signatures for all employees ...”
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