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Looking for a new, unused marketing channel? Attach your advertising message to an ordinary email. It never lands in spam or promotions box.

Easy-to-use AdSigner online service helps you to:

  • run cost-effective daily advertising campaigns;
  • change your email signature ad banners automatically;
  • set-up targeted advertising for one employee, specific department or whole company;
  • generate 40% more email engagement than traditional email marketing;
  • make your business noticed and recognizable with a new advertising potential.
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“Take advantage of the most widely used and
powerful channel of everyday communication.
Meet AdSigner.”

Key benefits

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powerful analytic tool
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cost-effective daily advertising
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new advertising potential
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sell, cross-sell, upsell in no time
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unused marketing & sales channel
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email marketing reinvented
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attractive email-siganture-banner content

How does it work

Case Study with Marketing Manager: Marketing KPIs speak in favour of AdSigner

Case in point

Dive into the actual example in our blog Case Study with Marketing Manager

“AdSigner allows fast, spontaneous and coordinated communication of key messages inside and outside of the enterprise...”
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