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Sales managers

Imagine everyone in your company become a sales person overnight.

With AdSigner:

  • let everyone press “send” to sell, up-sell or cross-sell;
  • add suitable advertising banner to an e-mail signature of each employee;
  • track performance of each e-mail conversation through CTR of advertising banner;
  • optimise all campaigns from one place for better sales results;
  • there is nothing to install or learn.

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Key benefits

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powerful analytic tool
use case
impeccable first impression
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sell, cross-sell, upsell in no time
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unused marketing & sales channel
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internal & external communication reinforced
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all employees as sales people
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attractive e-mail-siganture-banner content

How does it work

sales manager solution
sales manager solution
sales manager solution
sales manager solution
sales manager solution

AdSigner makes it possible, that every department can have a different banner at the same time.

Case Study with Sales Manager: Turn everyone into a salesperson overnight.

Case in point

Dive into the actual example in our blog Case Study with Sales Manager

“With AdSigner, the company gains a key advantage in the cross-selling of services...”
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