Release notes

February 2020

Keep up with the latest AdSigner development. Check out all the updates, changes and fixes that make for a better user experience. That makes it - more than email signature generator.


Google Sign-In for a seamless registration and login

AdSigner integrates Google sign-in feature for registration and login. You can now log in with your Google account, which links you directly to your existing AdSigner account. The login also allows to create new AdSigner account with any device, without the need to insert personal information.

  • NEW: new analytics filters enable you to filter out views and clicks by IP address.
  • NEW: traffic coming from the application is automatically filtered in analytics.
  • UPDATE: invoice PDFs are now sent to you in email as an attachment.
  • NEW: new Google login feature added. You can now access to your AdSigner account or register new account with Google login.
  • NEW: find answers to frequently asked questions about AdSigner with FAQ.
  • UPDATE: performance and security improvements.
  • UPDATE: fixed a bug with where your invoices would sometimes only be available in HTML form.
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