Release notes

January 2020

Keep up with the latest AdSigner development. Check out all the updates, changes and fixes that make for a better user experience. That makes it - more than email signature generator.


Manage bulk email signatures as simple as you manage just one

AdSigner brings you more efficiency in signature creation with CSV files. You can now create signatures for multiple users, easy and fast, by importing a CSV file that contains all the employee data, instead of you or your employees filling out the signatures manually.

  • UPDATE: fixed bug that caused some signatures to display images of wrong dimensions.
  • UPDATE: resolved some cases where signature text would be in wrong color or font style.
  • NEW: with the new CSV feature, you can create complete signatures directly from your employee spreadsheet.
  • NEW: resend signature access emails when you perform updates.
  • UPDATE: performance improvements in bulk operations. Updating template revisions across many signatures now works faster.
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