Release notes

March 2020

Keep up with the latest AdSigner development. Check out all the updates, changes and fixes that make for a better user experience. That makes it - more than email signature generator.


Microsoft Sign-In for a seamless registration and login

AdSigner integrates Microsoft sign-in feature for registration and login. You can now log in with your Microsoft account, which links you directly to your existing AdSigner account. The login also allows to create new AdSigner account with any device, without the need to insert personal information.

New analytics features for smarter marketing decisions

AdSigner enhances the analytics with new features for even more robust and precise signature data. You can now measure performance of individual employee signatures and individual banners in your ad campaigns. AdSigner also introduces new Outlook friendly templates for seamless use of email signatures between different email clients.

New video tutorials to augment our user manual

We released a first batch of our new video tutorials to help you get started faster. You can find them on YouTube.

  • NEW: new Microsoft login feature added. You can now access to your AdSigner account or register new account with Microsoft login.
  • UPDATE: fixed issues where some templates in the store could not be selected.
  • NEW: new analytics features for more detailed signature data.
  • NEW: new Outlook friendly templates are available in template store. They provide seamless use of email signatures between different email clients.
  • UPDATE: fixed issues where signatures sent from Outlook would be incorrectly displayed in Gmail on mobile.
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