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Use e-mail to run an efficient advertising campaign

Simply choose banner images for the whole company, single department or one person. Define start & end dates and press start to change banners automatically.

Find out how in 3 basic steps:

Use e-mail to run an efficient advertising campaign


Generate a professional e-mail signature

"E-mail signature generator. Reinvented."
Easy-to-use e-mail signature online service that lets you generate a professional signature in a record time. A real time-saver.

Generate e-mail signatue:

  1. Choose template
  2. Enter signature data
  3. Invite signature users


Run effective ad banner campaigns

There is nothing to install or learn. Just choose the most suitable advertising banner and press send to sell, up-sell or cross-sell.

User experience designed to exceed your expectations.

Live analytics


Track live analysis and optimize instantly

Use AdSigner analytics tool to track performance of every campaign, impression rates by time and location, in order to optimize your advertising banner campaign instantly.

Track. Optimize. Perform.

Manage everything from a single device

AdSigner works for you wherever you are and whatever your position. Manage all signatures and advertising banners from one place.

Take your efficiency to a whole new level.


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cost-effective daily advertising
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fast & easy-to-use
online service
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powerful analytic tool
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manage everything in
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