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Synchronize all of your users easily into Adsigner

Data sources that can be used:

Manual entry: Users can be added and their data can be filled in manually.

CSV file upload: Users and user data can be imported from CSV files that do not require to be specifically prepared for import. Column mappings can be set on upload and changed later.

Google Workspace: Users and user data can be periodically synchronized. Column mappings support custom attributes.

Microsoft Active Directory: User data can be periodically synchronized using column mappings with support for custom attributes.

Graphics are hosted with us

Adsigner hosts your graphics instead of embedding them and cluttering your inbox and customers' email inboxes. We are ecologically friendly.

AdSigner hosts images that appear in your signatures. Uploaded images are all converted into PNG format and compressed. When synchronizing users from external identity providers, their images can be transferred to AdSigner to allow them to be resized for different templates. Images can be cropped manually in the AdSigner app

Logos, banners and social media buttons

Images, banners, social media buttons and other graphics are fully supported by Adsigner email signature generator. This makes your emails look more professional and opens new opportunities for your email marketing efforts.

Logos, banners and social media buttons
Easy to deplopy and use

Easy to deploy and use

Express deployment & instant updates

What’s more, all changes in your email signature rules and templates can be completed in seconds and published instantly.

Built-in signature template editor

Expert or not, you will be churning out professional email signature templates like a pro.

Centrally managed system

  • Manage all email signatures and marketing campaigns from one place.
  • Manage all signatures by using a single email signature management solution.
  • Complete control of email signatures.
Department 1
Department 2
Department 3
Delegation of signature management rights

Delegation of signature management rights

Customize email signatures by role & department. Delegate email signature creation and management tasks to individual users or teams in your organization and relieve your admins from non-essential administrative tasks.

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