Why choose AdSigner?

AdSigner is an innovative online software for generating advertising campaigns in email signatures. It allows you to:

  • generate multiple ad banner campaigns simultaneously in automatic time schedules,
  • make ad banner changes for different departments or a single person,
  • get insight with analytics and optimize your campaigns.

Why should I use an email signature?

Email signature allows every sent email to become a unique selling opportunity. It represents your company brand and identity, with no additional effort.

Moreover, it provides the perfect opportunity to brand every message you send. The message attached to your email signature acquires the power of credibility and creates a greater interest than advertising campaigns carried out through traditional emailing marketing.

Email signature also gives a professional first impression to clients, business partners and potential customers.

Will my email land up in spam folder if I use email signature?

No. Email signatures created by AdSigner will be used in your daily ordinary emails.

Unlike newsletters and other email marketing messages which often get stuck in the spam folder, ordinary emails with advertising banners land straight in the Inbox.

Where do I find a user manual?

To view the user manual, select “user manual” in resources . The manual will provide a step-by-step guide for best Adsigner experience.

How to create a company-wide email signature?

You can create your signatures on the “Signature” page. Click on “Create signature” and type in all the email addresses you wish to create signatures for. Every email will receive instructions on how to fill out their data and insert their signature.

What should I include in email signature?

To create a professional and attractive email signature, you should include:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Company
  • Company address
  • Email
  • Phone/ mobile/ fax number
  • Website
  • A photo
  • Links to social media
  • An ad banner with your selling message

Read this article for more information about contents of email signature.

How to create an ad campaign?

You can create an effective email signature ad campaign with AdSigner by simply following the steps below:

  • Create an email signature template by choosing a template from our template store that best suits your business, or create custom template to make your own signature template,
  • Design your signature and send email signature invitation to your coworkers.
  • Design and insert your best banners and run advertising campaigns, to make sure that banners automatically change after a certain time period.

You are ready to take advantage of the sales potential of banners now.

Find a step-by-step guide on how to create email signature and ad campaign here .

What are the qualities of a successful email signature ad campaign?

The success of banner advertising campaign depends mainly on 3 things:

  • Content

    Unlike normal digital advertising banner positions, an attractive advertising message added to the electronic signature gets noticed right away, especially with ordinary emails, where the sender of the email is known. Read this article for valuable tips on writing banner content to attract everyone’s attention.

  • The banner’s design also plays and important role to build brand awareness and guide the receiver’s interests. You can find more about ad banner design with this article .

  • Call to action

    It is proven that a CTA (call-to-action) button on the banner allows to find the key message of the banner faster and easier, improve the user experience and, as a result, yield a higher CTR (click-through-rate). This article explains more about the best CTA button interaction design for ad banners.

What is the difference between email marketing and AdSigner's email ad campaign?

Email marketing usually involves mailing various types of content (such as advertisements and promotions) to a purchased lead list or a current customer database. Such email often ends directly into the Spam of the receiver.

Unlike classic email marketing, AdSigner lets you create email signature with attractive advertising banners, that will be used in your daily ordinary emails, where the sender of the email is known. As AdSigner signatures will be in your ordinary emails, it will not land in Spam folder. Therefore, the distribution of such ads is more successful, and the content is noticed with every sent email.

Can I manage all email signatures from one place?

Yes. You can manage, track and optimize all email signatures and ad banners from a single device by visiting Adsigner App ».

Unlike classic email marketing, AdSigner lets you create email signature with attractive advertising banners, that will be used in your daily ordinary emails, where the sender of the email is known. As AdSigner signatures will be in your ordinary emails, it will not land in Spam folder. Therefore, the distribution of such ads is more successful, and the content is noticed with every sent email.

Will the email size increase if I insert email signature?

No. Images in your AdSigner signature are not sent as an attachment. They are instead served by AdSigner servers over the internet when your email is viewed. This drastically reduces your inbox and your recipient’s inbox space use.

Can I face problems setting up email signature to my email client due to its character limits?

Some email clients have a character limit for signatures (e. g. Gmail at 10,000). All our pre-designed templates take this into account and will not exceed this limit. If you were to design a custom template, we use some techniques to help you reduce the size of the signature, like removing redundant spaces and styles.

Wich email clients does Adsigner support?

What happens if I change email client?

Your signature is set on a per-client basis, meaning you will have to insert your signature again into your new email client.

Are the number of email signatures I need based on the amount of users we have

companies have general email addresses such as,, Many companies find it valuable to include their email signature with these email addresses. In this case, you would base the amount of email signatures you need on the amount of email addresses you have.

Do I have to make my own banners?

Yes, you are required to create and upload your own banners. There is a basic editing tool function which allows you to resize, rotate, zoom, flip or add a filter to your image/banner. Alternatively, you can order a custom banner which our team will design and upload for you.

Does AdSigner work completely on the client-side, without requiring changes to the mail server?

Yes, the signatures are inserted client-side only. Unlike other email signature generators, AdSigner doesn’t read, send or receive the content of your emails. The contents of your emails are protected and secure at all times and don’t leave your environment. Our servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Is it possible to have multiple signatures per user?

Yes, a user can have as many signatures as needed assigned to them. This could be a signature for internal use, and one for external use for example. The user would toggle between different email signatures in their email client (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) when composing an email.

My email signature looks messy when someone replies or forwards my email?

The reason why this happens?

When your email signature is sent to someone, it looks professional as you intend it to look, because the email is in reading mode. Moreover, AdSigner tests all your email signature in around 80 different email clients to ensure the display of professional email signature design.

As soon as the recipient of your email presses the reply button, their email client converts the email into its own HTML, RTF or Plain Text code and does with it whatever it likes.
The person replying to your email and their email client, now have control over your email signature design layout. When you receive an email back from this person, it could have images removed from it, it may be converted to plain text or it might just be messy. There is no workaround for this, it’s just how email client’s work.

Furthermore, users have the ability to turn off images and change individual user settings that change how their email client receives and send emails in HTML, RTF and plain text formats.


To sum up, yes email signatures may never be perfect but AdSigner has found the best way to ensure your email signature looks just right, effectively dealing with extremely outdated technologies (Outlook 2007, ahem), tables and inline CSS, the Word rendering engine and so many email clients, different devices and screens.

If anybody says they can create a perfect email signature, that will look exactly the same every time it’s sent, received and forward, they are either misleading you or don’t have a sufficient experience in the nish field of email signature as we do.

If you don’t have professional experience in creating email signatures on a daily basis, like we do, you might underestimate how much time and energy goes into creating professionally coded and tested email signature designs that hold up against a lot of these issues.

We are happy to bring new light to the segment of email signature, ensuring we provide you with the best practices in the field of smart professional email signatures and help you grow your business.

Who designs the email signature?

Professionally designed and prepared layouts are available for use. However, you can order a custom template which we will design based on your requirements, or edit an existing template to accommodate 1 or 2 additional fields or layout changes.


Do I need to install AdSigner software?

No. You can use AdSigner signatures without installing any additional software. However, for some email clients, we do recommend installing AdSigner Agent to streamline your signature deployment and keep your signatures always up-to-date.

Do I need any server requirements to use AdSigner?

No. You don’t need any server requirements to use Adsigner.

What is the difference between template and signature created by AdSigner?

The template defines the layout of the email signature and the type and arrangement of data that the signatures contain. In the template, you specify the desired appearance of email signatures for all users, and lock specific data fields shared among all users in order to avoid undesired changes and preserve the consistency of your signatures.

Signatures use a template and fill it out with personal data, like your name, email and phone numbers. You can change a signature’s template at any time to change its appearance and layout while keeping your data.

Read this article for more information on the difference between managing templates and signatures.

How many campaigns can I have?

With AdSigner, you can design and pre-schedule multiple campaigns to run among different groups of users at the same time. Within one campaign, you can change banners and logos according to the schedule you plan in advance.

How do campaigns work?

AdSigner campaigns are schedules that determine when a specific banner is displayed in your signature. Campaigns can be set up in the AdSigner application without requiring your users to update their signatures in their email clients.

Campaigns can target multiple groups of signatures. If you create a signature in a targeted group, it will automatically start displaying the campaign banner according to the schedule. By default, your campaign targets all the signatures in your organization.

In addition, your analytics can be segmented by campaign, in order to track different campaign performance and compare which marketing campaign has better impact.

Get more info on how campaigns work here .

How are images of email signature served?

The images in your signatures are stored on our servers and served over the internet when someone views your signature. This helps with saving your inbox space and allows us to provide you with valuable analytics insights on who, when and where viewed your email.

How do images work with AdSigner?

You can upload any common image format or size. All uploads are saved within the library as originals. When the images are used in the templates or information fields, they are automatically contained and compressed to fit. You don’t need to worry about resizing or converting. You can also edit, crop or delete any uploaded images. All uploaded images are saved automatically as soon as they are uploaded to your library.

Can I upload images from my computer? Insert URL?

Yes. To upload a new ad banner, avatar or logo image:

  • Click Images in the menu bar,
  • Click + or drag the image to AdSigner.

You can also edit your images uploaded to AdSigner. Find more info here .

How to check the login history for all sessions of AdSigner?

Login history review enables you to see the details of all your login sessions. One session is your presence at AdSigner within a certain time frame: from the moment you sign in, to the moment you sign out, or your session expires.

You can check your login history regularly to make sure no unauthorized devices have access to your AdSigner account.

To find your login history:

  • Click the collapse arrow at the account’s avatar. > Choose Account.
  • Click at the top right corner of the Login method card and choose Login history.
  • Close Login history window when finished.

Find more about login history here .

How to update to the latest AdSigner version?

AdSigner application is stored in your browser and regularly updated. When updated, you will receive a blue bar notification on the top of the page, telling you that a new update is available. If you refresh the page, new version of the application will automatically be loaded.

How to update to the latest version of template?

When we update the existing template code, a new template version will be created. All signatures currently using the updated template will not see the changes, until you manually update them to use the new version.

In the template detail page, you will see a breakdown of all signatures using a given template and whether or not they are using the latest version. If there are any signatures using an outdated version, you will be prompted to update them by clicking on the Update signatures button that will appear next to each template’s name.

After updating signatures with new templates, the signature code will be changed. Repeat inserting signatures to your email client to use the latest signature.

Does the solution work both with Office 2016 and Office 365?

Yes, we are compatible with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365, web, live or desktop versions

How do I use the template?

Based on the template, the system will populate user data so that each employee has an email signature with their personal user data correctly incorporated in the company’s email signature template design.

Is it possible to adopt AdSigner only for some users within the organization?

Yes, you can select which users you want to add when connecting your data source.

How to use

How to create an email signature?

To create an email signature:

  • Click Signatures in the menu bar.
  • Click Create template. Signatures use templates to determine their layout. Therefore, we advise to create and modify related template before creating a new signature.
  • Enter emails of people that will be using the created signatures. > Click Continue.
  • Enter signature name.
  • Choose one or more Groups the new signature belongs to. Campaigns that target these groups will automatically apply to the signature. > Select the desired Template. Templates differ in a number and position of information fields contained within a signature. Find more about templates customization in the Templates section ». > Fill-in the signature data. Leave fields empty if you want signature users to fill-in their own data. Make sure that fields that users can modify are unlocked in Templates. Where adding images, you can use Crop tool to resize, rotate or flip image, add filter or round corners. > Preview your new signature on the right side.
  • Select people you wish to send instructions that contain link where they can fill-out their data and insert signature into their email client. > Click Create signature.

How to create a customized email signature (without templates)? using HTML code?

If our predesigned store templates do not fit your needs, you can design completely custom templates with HTML, CSS and our templating language.

Find the step-by-step guide on how to create a customized email signature here .

How to add another user to an existing email signature?

If you wish for multiple people to use the same signature, you can add multiple users to it by:

  • Clicking Signatures in the menu bar.
  • Selecting the generated signature and clicking . > Add User by email.
  • Clicking to send the invitation email. The user will receive an email with instructions and a link, where they can fill-out their data and insert signature into their email client. > Click Close.

How to update an information of an existing user?

To update an information, go to signatures and click (edit icon). If you do not have registered account, you can access the editing panel by clicking the link within the invitation email you got to use a signature. The same information fields appear, as when creating a new signature. You can update your desired information you want and insert signature to your email client.

How to get the HTML code of my email signature?

To get the HTML code of your signature:

  • Click Signatures in the menu bar,
  • Click the name of the signature you want HTML code,
  • Click the Code tab next to preview. HTML code of your signature will be displayed below.

How do I copy the email signature to clipboard (don't need HTML)?

If you wish to copy the rich-text format signature, that you can insert in rich-text enabled applications like Outlook, Word or Gmail, you can follow the steps bellow:

  • Click Signatures in the menu bar,
  • Click on the name of the signature you want,
  • In the preview tab on the right, click on the Copy button to copy the rich-text signature.

How to set up my email signature in Gmail?

Find step-by-step guide on how to set-up your signature in Gmail here .

How to set up my email signature in Outlook?

Find step-by-step guide on how to set-up your signature in Outlook here .

How do I find stored email signature folder in my computer, in Outlook?

To find the stored email signature folder:

  • Open Outlook,
  • At the top left corner, click File and select Options in the menu below,
  • Go to Mail section on the left,
  • Hold down CTRL key and click on the Signatures… button on the right side. The Explorer window will open in a folder where your signatures are stored.

How to set up my email signature in Thunderbird?

We have 2 methods to set up your email signature in Thunderbird. Find the detailed step-by-step guide on the 2 methods here .

How to set up my email signature in Apple mail?

We have 2 methods to set up your email signature in Thunderbird. Find the detailed step-by-step guide on the 2 methods here .


Can I try the AdSigner before I buy?

You can try AdSigner’s full potential before you buy, by registering to our free trial. Click here to join our free trial.

How long does the free trial last?

The free trial lasts for 14 days with unlimited features.

How much does the subscription cost?

The subscription primarily depends on the number of signatures you add. Moreover, our monthly subscription is progressive, which means that we offer volume discounts as you add more signatures.

How is the subscription price calculated?

Each signature’s unit price is based on the pricing rate in which the signature falls in. Click here to find the price calculation breakdown.

What are the Plan options and what do they include?

We have a Limited Plan which offers very limited features and Professional Plan offering unlimited features with great benefits.

Find more about the features of both Plans here .


Can AdSigner see my email contents?

No. We do not use any email relay techniques to insert your signature or connect to your email provider in any way that would allow us to see your private correspondence. You do not endanger your privacy by using AdSigner.

How is my signature data stored and used?

The signature data you enter is used for the sole purpose of generating signatures. Your signatures are only accessible through your account or accounts that you delegate access to. We never share your signatures with third parties.

What happens with created email signatures and campaigns when my free trial is over?

Your signatures and campaigns remain in your account after your free trial is over. You can continue using them according to the Limited Plan, or upgrade to Professional Plan at any time. If you wish to permanently delete them, you can deactivate your account.


Why do my images look blurry?

There are many reasons why your images could look blurry.

If you’re using a display with high pixel density (for example MacOS with Retina display), the image resolution in your templates might be too low. Contact us via support chat if you need help increasing the image resolution.

If your images look crisp when composing an email, but sometimes appear blurry in replies or forwarded messages, it means that your recipient’s email client views your images in a lower resolution and compresses them before replying.

Why does my signature appear as an attachment?

Images in your AdSigner should never be sent as an attachment, as this disables your analytics and pollutes your inbox. If this is the case, try inserting the signature again by following the instructions correctly. Note that some email clients will send images as an attachment if you attempted to modify the signature inside your email client’s editor.

Why does the banner in my signature revert to an old banner after sending an email?

When using Gmail or similar browser based email client, you might notice some banners reverting to an old recently changed banner after sending email, especially when you keep the same tab open for multiple hours or days. This happens because browsers do not know the banner in your signature has changed and will keep using the locally cached banner image.

To fix this, simply refresh your web page.

This does not affect how your recipients see your signature.


What are served images (views or clicks)?

Every time an image or link in your email signature is viewed or clicked, we log it in our analytics system. We count both of these events as served images.

What is an organization in AdSigner?

Organization is a group of resources like signatures, images, templates and campaigns on AdSigner, that share the same access permissions. You can never use assets across organizations. You can have multiple organizations.

What are served images (views or clicks)?

You can refer to your images as digital assets (a general term). This would include your logo, banner, profile avatar pictures, digital badges/certificates, etc.

What is a template?

A template refers to the email signature layout design, which is the same for everyone in the company. It contains the logo, company details, social icons, family font, color scheme, etc.

What is a user?

A user is defined as an employee of the company with relevant data attributed to them, such as full name, job title, phone number, mobile phone number, avatar photo, etc.

What is an email client?

An email client is a computer program used to access and manage a user’s email. Email clients can be standalone applications, web-based applications, or mobile applications. The most well known email clients include Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Zimbra, etc.

What is an email signature?

An email signature is an email signature template with user and company data.

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