Track & analyze your email signature performance

AdSigner analytics provides insight into your campaign performance. It tracks views of your signatures and link clicks.

Data is grouped by:

  • campaigns, to measure how well campaigns perform
  • banners in campaigns, to measure the performance
  • signatures, to measure the traffic generated by a given user
  • hour and day of week, to determine when your emails are likely to be seen
  • recipient’s country, available for email clients that do not proxy image requests,
  • recipient’s email client.

AdSigner analytics can be linked with Google Analytics.

Track & analyze your email signature performance


All data can be viewed in time windows of the past 24 hours or past 7, 14, 21 or 28 days. Data from the previous time window is overlaid to measure the growth in traffic.

Data of views and clicks can be augmented by value. Cost per mile and cost per click can be configured and defaulted to the worldwide average CPM reported by Statista for Q3 2019.


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