Basic steps

1. Register

  • Go to the Pricing page. > Choose the number of signatures optionally to see the price breakdown. > Click Try for free
  • Fill in the registration form. > Click Register
  • Check your mailbox. > Open verification email. > Verify your email. > Your account is activated, and you are redirected to AdSigner online service.
  • Use free trial for 14 days. > After that, upgrade your account.
  • Use Log-in entry point at the upper right corner of AdSigner website anytime you want to log in to the online service.

2. Create template

  • Choose Templates in the menu bar.
  • Click Open template store
  • Choose template and click Get free template
  • Edit template by clicking Edit template
  • Name template.
  • Fill in data fields with information that are common to all signature users. Lock those fields that should not be changed later in Signatures. Leave fields unlocked if you want signature users to edit them later. Locked fields that remain empty, will not be visible in signatures.
  • Add optional data fields by clicking Add field
  • See how your template displays on the Preview tab. The preview will show sample data as placeholders where the data are missing. If you do not wish to see them, untick the box to view your edited template alone.
  • When finished, click Save template

3. Create signature

  • Choose Signatures in the menu bar, or open the chosen template in Templates.
  • Click Create signature
  • Enter emails of people, that will use this signature template. > Click Continue
  • Choose signature template under the Template section if not selected yet.
  • Fill in signature data or leave them empty, so user can fill in their own data. > Click Continue
  • Select people you wish to customize and use the signature. > Write subject and Message that signature users will receive in their email box. > Click Create signature to send invitation with insert instructions to signature users.
  • To see a list of created signatures, go to Signatures.
  • To edit signature, click in Signatures or choose a specific signature, and click Edit signature . > Fill in data. Use Preview tab to see how it looks like. > Click Save signature
  • To insert signature to email client, choose one in Signatures. > Click on the Edit signature . > Choose Insert signature. > Click the icon of your email client. > Follow the insert instructions.
  • To copy the HTML code of the email signature, click on the name of the signature. > Go to the Code tab. > Click Copy . > You can paste the copied HTML code when setting up the signature to the email client.
  • To copy the email signature to clipboard, click on the name of the signature. > Go to the Preview tab. > Click Copy . > You can paste the copied signature when setting up the signature to the email client.

4. Run campaign

  • Click Campaigns in the menu bar.
  • Click Create campaign
  • Name campaign.
  • Select groups and/or signatures to which this campaign will apply. This enables you to target the same campaign to a specific group of signatures easily and to run various campaigns among different groups of users at the same time.
  • Set-up the schedule on the Banner tab. Set the start and end date. Be aware that this time frame applies to all activities (banners and logos) within this campaign. Leave end date empty to make the campaign last indefinitely.
  • Select image that will display in targeted signatures as their ad banner during the selected interval. Link to field is a destination URL that a visitor goes when clicking on the ad banner. > Click Crop to resize, rotate or flip image, add filter or round corners.
  • Preview how ad banner will appear throughout the duration of the campaign for any signature targeted by this campaign.
  • Click Save campaign when finished.
  • Pending campaign will start on the scheduled date.

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