user case insurance

Insurance business

The agent sends the property insurance policy proposal per email. In their email signature banner, which is displayed with AdSigner, they simultaneously offer favourable car insurance. While opening the attachment, the client notices the ad and concludes both insurances. This way, the agent quickly and easily sells more. With just one banner in the email signature. Click and get to know it – the AdSigner.

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A year-long residential mortgage contract is in the process of being signed. In the consultant’s signature, the client notices the banner, which is displayed with AdSigner, about an important security system and digital banking upgrade. This is a key moment that encourages the client to successfully sign the contract. Click and learn about efficient email advertising – AdSigner.

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user case banking
user case dental practice

Dental practice

The patients always receive the confirmation of their appointment per email. The banner, which is displayed in the practice’s email signature with AdSigner, always mentions the service of the month. Cleaning tartar buildup would convince anyone. Numerous sales opportunities nobody would like to miss. Click and use yours with AdSigner.

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Online pharmacy

Offers a 10% discount, if customers subscribe to the newsletter. The discount code is sent to the customers’ email, where they notice the banner in the signature offering sun protection products at discount prices. The banner, which is displayed with AdSigner, is the perfect summer inspiration for customers to put some additional products in their online cart when using the discount. The online pharmacy can make more. And you? Click and increase your sales with AdSigner.

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user case online pharmacy
user case mobile operator

Mobile operator

The operator answers the potential customer via email with an offer of fixed services for mobile telephony. In the banner, which is displayed in the consultant’s email signature with AdSigner, the client notices the attractive package offer. It is a bit more expensive but offers a lot more. They decide to buy it, event though they did not think about additional services initially. Sell more, get to know AdSigner.

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