Does your email make a good first impression?

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How to make a good first impression when you can not shake hands – for example via email? Photo: iStock

A good impression can be achieved by a firm handshake, upright posture, elevated head, and a friendly, calm look. By casual elegance. On the other side, an unshaven young man, slouching, with legs crossed, wearing flip-flops, shorts and a wrinkled t-shirt will make a bad first impression. Especially if he is staring at the floor. The first person seems to give more credibility, when it comes to business. Would you agree?

“A positive first impression is difficult to diminish. However, it is even harder to fix a bad one.”

A good body language and the right clothes are always an adequate tool to create the right impression. But what happens when we do not have them at our disposal? For example, when we communicate via email. The person on the other side cannot see us. How to create a catchy, reliable and genuine first impression via email that will both persuade your potential customer and make you proud?

Professional email signature is a key to success. Photo: iStock

The answer lies in a professionally designed email signature. It is not enough to provide the mere data in the signature. Let the email signature present you as a genuine message carrier and speak with the language of your company’s graphic image. By following the below recommendations, you will be a step closer to making a good first impression through email communication:

1. Write your contact details in 3–4 lines. Less is more. Write only the contact information through which you can be reached at all times.

2. Add a suitable profile image to your name. This way, the impersonal digital world acquires a concrete image of the interlocutor, and as a result, the communication tone and the content of the messages gains credibility.

3. Use the company colour scheme. Demonstrate order, consistency and professionalism.

4. Fit your signature with the company logo and/or slogan. A well-designed logo gets memorised subconsciously at the key moments, so it will automatically act in favour of the company.

5. Make sure the signature image is in accordance with your wishes in every sent email. The AdSigner, a platform for creating email signatures and advertising campaigns, automatically makes sure that your signature is correctly displayed in all emails sent to regular recipients.

6. Stand out with a simple and attractive advertising banner. A graphically equipped text is much more interesting and attractive to read than a plain one. In an email, which is the most common message exchange channel in the world of business, present your:

  • upcoming products,
  • the latest services,
  • important achievements,
  • upcoming events,
  • the current campaign.

Make use of the email signature advertising space as a beneficial added value for you and your interlocutor. The AdSigner allows you to add advertising banners easily and change them automatically.

Let your email signature create a first impression full of positive emotions. Let it knock down the walls of reticence, build trust, and open the door to efficient corporate communication.

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