4 of the most FAQs to create a professional & attractive email signature?

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What should your email signature include so that people will notice and memorise it? What elements should you leave out to make it more transparent? Follow the below tips to create a compelling digital identity signature.

1. What information should my email signature include?

The contact details should not take up more than three lines. This will make the signature clearly visible even on mobile devices with small screens. Include only the relevant contact information through which you can be reached. You can simply leave out your email account details in the email signature.

Your email signature will surely make a professional impression if you choose one of the modern design templates in the AdSigner platform. Among other things, the templates solve the problem of overly long names, which are usually displayed with a line break. You can choose from different, thoughtfully placed data fields that you can add or remove as you like. The following data fields are available:

  • Full name
  • Title
  • Company
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Mobile number
  • Fax number
  • Website

2. Social networks – yes or no?

The social network stories are both convincing and compelling. If you can brag about them, be it in on a personal or business level, it is recommended to have the links to your profile in your email signature. With AdSigner, you can turn a boring URL link into a unique, stylish symbol.

3. How can you make sure that people remember you?

If your email signature includes a face, people will remember it even sooner. Photo: AdSigner

Images are an important element of content marketing, since with their help people remember 55% more information. If a photo includes a face, people will remember it even sooner and will memorise it for a longer time. Furthermore, if a photo stands next to a name, it acquires more credibility. This way, the next time someone reads your name, they will automatically recall your face as well. Don’t be shy, colour photos evoke more pleasant feelings than black and white.

4. How to make sure your signature is not overlooked?

Add a banner to your email signature, set an ad campaign and let AdSigner change banners automatically. Photo: AdSigner

Experience is worth more than words. Attract attention with an exclusive offer or an invitation for an upcoming event. Showcase your certificate or an outstanding achievement. Convince people with your story. Do you write a blog? Invite your contacts to read a specific article by displaying a striking sentence or CTA button. With AdSigner, you can embed this invitation in an attractive banner placed either above or below the signature. Include up-to-date ad content into your banner and update it regularly. You can also set up an ad campaign and let AdSigner automatically change banner ads for you.

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