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Usual secretary can achieve over 10,000 email views in a month. Photo: iStock

The AdSigner platform is regularly adapted to user requirements.

The latest important innovation includes the new email signature templates available in the AdSigner Template Store. Based on the requests and feedback from our users, we have created high-quality designed signatures that meet individual needs while at the same time, preserving the basic features of a propulsive and successful business email signature:

  • They are creative, yet also corporately elegant.
  • They are responsive in the mobile terms.
  • They work flawlessly in all common email clients, e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird and Apple mail.
  • They allow you to lock the information shared among all users of a specific template in order to avoid undesired changes in the signature content.
  • They contain an email disclaimer to minimise legal exposure.
  • They offer many options for active URL links to maximise CTR (click through rate).

All template options allow you to place your banner ad before or after the sender’s contact information.

What is new?

You can customize your email signature with elements you need. Insert ad banner, logos and social icons. Fast & easy. Photo: AdSigner

They can safely be called templates that work, as they deliver universal, elegant and professional solutions for specific user challenges. Among other things, the new templates allow:

  • More room for longer titles in order to avoid the awkward breakage of names into new lines.
  • Transparent organization of signatures with rich contents.
  • Addition of multiple logos.
  • More attractive social media icons.
You can add attractive social icons in your email signature. Clean and professional. Photo: AdSigner

With the new template editor, you can add a touch of personal creativity to each pre-formed template. Choose a font type, change the font size and find the colour that best fits your company’s corporate design. The user-friendly platform makes it easy to edit email signature templates even for the less skilled users, and meets the needs of even the most demanding ones.

Explore the new AdSigner Template Store and choose your professional email signature template that will work for your potential customers.

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