Which employee is hiding it?

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Usual secretary can achieve over 10,000 email views in a month. Photo: iStock

When AdSigner was still in the testing phase but was already fully functional, something unexpected happened. In only one month, our employee working as a secretary achieved over 10,000 banner views by sending the usual business emails.

This means she reached 10,000 sales leads and over 1,000 sales prospects who continued to the landing page by clicking on the banners (CTR). That particular month, the sales department recorded significantly more inquiries than usual and successfully completed approximately 40% more sales channels.

At first, AdSigner’s purpose was to use the hidden advertising potential of each and every email employees send, but now it has grown into much more than that. With advanced analytics that capture the key sales moments of banner ads, we have found that they enhance the untapped and missed sales opportunities of all employees – especially those who are otherwise not part of the direct selling process.

With every sent email, the advertising message finds its way to the people who can be your future clients. Photo: iStock

The power of sales potential achieved through emails is growing rapidly like a snowball rolling down a snow-covered hill, without having to invest any effort or time. With every email sent, the advertising message finds its way to the people sales agent would perhaps never reach, or at least not within a month.

Think about the costs of this type of advertising, i.e. impression-based and PPC advertising. Valve+meter reports that in 2019, the average cost-per click on Google Ads is $2.69. However, as reported by Statista, the cost-per-mille of advertising on social media was $5.35 in the third quarter of 2019. Advertising through banner ads in email signatures with AdSigner is free of charge.

In the first case, this means AdSigner saves you $2,690 per 1,000 clicks. In case of 10,000 views, AdSigner saves you $53.5 per email signature.

However, you will discover who and how many employees are hiding such sales potential once you start using the AdSigner. Free of charge.


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