Review your login history

The login history review enables you to see the details of all your login sessions. One session is your presence at AdSigner online service within a certain time frame: from the moment you sign in to the moment you sign out or your session expires.

Parameters are all based on the devices you use for signing in to AdSigner. You can review:

  • device
  • IP
  • browser
  • operating system
  • creation date – the date when the session has started
  • expiry date – the date when the session expires. Session expires automatically if you do not sign out yourself one week after sign-in
  • end-date – the date you have signed-out

Session toggle switch allows you to filter expired/ended sessions, so you can only see the active ones.

You can revoke all active sessions by clicking on the Revoke all active sessions button . This way, you log out of AdSigner on all devices except for this one.

To find your login history:

  • Click the collapse arrow at the account’s avatar. > Choose Account.
  • Click at the top right corner of the Login method card, and choose Login history.
  • Close Login history window when finished.

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