Create a new campaign

To run a new campaign:

  • Click Campaigns in the menu bar.
  • Click Create campaign
  • Name your campaign.
  • Select groups and/or signatures to which this campaign will apply.\ This enables you to target the same campaign to a specific group of signatures easily and to run various campaigns among different groups of users at the same time. By default, your campaign will apply to all signatures in your organization.
  • Set-up the schedule within the Banner label. \ The selected image will display in targeted signatures as their banner during the selected interval. You can leave the end date empty for your campaign to be indefinite. In this case, any later launched campaign will overwrite it. However, when finished, the indefinite campaign will be active again.
  • Set the destination URL of the website that a visitor goes when clicking on the ad banner.
  • Select an image to be used as a banner.\ The image will be contained and compressed to fit the template. To change banners and/or links within the selected duration of the campaign, multiply the scheduled entries by clicking Add button . Add a new link to the updated banner for the intermediate date.
  • Set-up logo changes by clicking next to the Banner tab.
  • On the right side, you can preview any signature targeted by this campaign, and see how it will look through the duration of the campaign. Possible intersections and effects of other campaigns are also visible. This way, your campaigns will not overlap unintentionally.
  • When finished, click the Save campaign button
  • Pending campaign will start automatically on the scheduled dates.

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