Set up a signature in Outlook

To set-up, your signature to your email client, follow the instructions below.


You can set up your Outlook signature automatically, using the Adsigner Agent ».


In Outlook, you can set up multiple signatures. You can choose which one to use for every message, or set a default one.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. In the top left corner, click File and select Options in the menu below. Account information
  3. Go to Mail section on the left.
  4. While holding down CTRL key on your keyboard, click on the Signatures… button on the right side. This will open an Explorer window with the folder containing your saved signatures. Outlook options
  5. Go to AdSigner > Users > Click Actions of the user, whose signature you would like to use > Click Manage Signatures. Action
  6. Under the Info tab, click the signature you would like to use > Navigate to the Code tab on the right side > Press Download to download the signature file.
  7. Save the downloaded file in the folder you opened in step 4. Microsoft Signatures
  8. Back in Outlook, click on the Signatures… button again, without holding the CTRL button. Your new signature will be present in the list. On the right, you can set it as a default signature for new messages and replies/forwards. Signatures and Stationery
  9. Click OK.
  10. If the new signature doesn’t appear when you start writing an email, you have to add it manually: under the Insert tab, press the Signature drop-down arrow and select the signature you want to use.

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