How to let users edit signature data without messing up the rest of their email signatures

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The theme of this blog is ‘Letting users edit certain information in their email signatures’. I hope that you enjoy AdSigner’s new feature!

We regularly learn about large and small businesses with multiple employees using AdSigner. Nevertheless, there are instances where not all of the information in the email signatures is relevant for every individual employee.

By letting users independently edit specific information in their email signatures, such as their personal LinkedIn, ‘book a meeting’ link, ‘book a demo’ link, avatar/photo, and mobile number, we help organisations smoothen out the onboarding process.

A lot of organisations nowadays like to use ‘book a meeting’ button or something similar in their email signatures to schedule appointments easily. Photo: AdSigner

With this new feature, employees can easily add their personal data, such as a ‘My LinkedIn’ link, to their email signatures to grow their network and generate new leads.

Setting employees’ profile pictures to their email signatures can be tricky since you want to ensure that they like the photos you have chosen for them. By using this new feature, employees can take care of that themselves with no fuss.

Nowadays, more and more organisations like to use a ‘book a meeting’ link in their email signatures to schedule appointments easily and manage their time effectively. With this new feature, it’s even easier to enter the right link to the relevant person.

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