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How to complete the signature after receiving a request to use it?

We will guide you through the process of how to finish the signature someone made for you. Photo: Istock

One of the key advantages AdSigner offers to companies is a fast and easy distribution of prepared e-mail signatures among the employees. This way, the IT manager can save a lot of time, especially in large teams. Why is that so? Because the administrator of e-mail signatures is no longer required to:

  • Distribute e-mail signatures individually
  • Enter personal information of employees
  • Set up signatures in the e-mail client for each user individually
  • Intervene when employee signatures are not properly inserted

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All e-mail signature users can now do the above tasks themselves after receiving an invitation to use the signature. Let us take a look at how it works!

Step 1:

In the e-mail, open the AdSigner invitation to set up an e-mail signature.

Check your mailbox and find e-mail you received from AdSigner. Photo: AdSigner

Step 2:

Click the Go to my signature button and a ready e-mail signature opens. It has to be checked and updated with personal data if necessary.

Click the Go to my signature button. Photo: AdSigner

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Step 3:

Enter the missing personal data on the left and update the existing data where necessary. On the right, you can see the preview of your e-mail signature once the personal data is entered. When you finish editing, click Save.

Check the information already entered and fill-in the fields that were left empty. Photo: AdSigner

Your signature is now ready to use, it just needs to be inserted to the e-mail client.

Step 4:

Select the icon of the e-mail client you are using, follow the instructions and finish by clicking Done.

Your signature is ready to be inserted to your e-mail client. Photo: AdSigner

From now on, every e-mail you send, even if forwarded by a third party, will contain your professional e-mail signature. If you add an attractive banner, this can become an effective tool to remind the recipients of your brand, raise awareness, advertise and promote your brand. So easy and useful for any business.

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