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Advertising has become an expensive domain where all competitors share a single common goal. Photo: iStock

In 2018, the annual costs of advertising campaigns ranged from a few cents per click to $120,000 paid by small, and $50 million paid by large companies. With the Google Ads platform alone, Google generated $116.3 billion in revenue. The financially demanding economic sectors, such as insurance and legal services, were prepared to pay as much as $50 per click for the most popular keywords. In the world where a regular customer is a priceless value, advertising has become an expensive domain where all competitors share a single common goal, i.e. to anchor their unique message into the deepest emotions of every consumer.

However, there is always more than one way to reach the goal. We are presenting a practically undiscovered marketing channel that:

  • sets no market prices for advertising space,
  • makes no distinctions among economic sectors or key words,
  • has been proven to be sales efficient,
  • is unobtrusive, yet also well planned and
  • speaks on behalf of your company with the authenticity of an individual’s signature.

And it can do all this every day.

Email. Practically undiscovered channel with great marketing potential. Photo: iStock

We are talking about traditional email. About a new dimension of the email marketing raised to the level of genuine everyday communication. We are talking about a meticulously planned advertising campaign that is casually added to the signature of every sent or forwarded email.

The AdSigner, a platform for generating effective advertising campaigns within e-signatures, was created bearing in mind:

  • the IT system administrators, who can now create e-signatures and advertising campaigns in just 60 seconds from the comfort of their computer’s central platform,
  • large companies, who can now create e-signatures with an advertising campaign for more than 1,000 employees with just a few clicks,
  • employees who are unfamiliar with the digital environment, so a user-friendly platform can guide them through a simple process of customizing their e-signature
  • and last but not least, marketing and sales managers, who are looking for effective modern marketing approaches to bring their brands right into the hearts of their consumers.

Discover a new, free advertising potential of conventional email. Every day. AdSigner.

ProTip: By using just regular email, you can raise the level of buying interest in your customers, acquire new customers, and encourage the current customers to return. To find out how, please read the article Sell, up-sell, cross-sell with email on a daily basis.

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