Upgrading business models of Advertising and Media Agencies

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AdSigner Partner Program anticipates a promising business opportunity for Advertising and Media Agencies. Photo: iStock

Extra earnings. Additional communication channel. Upgraded advertising strategies. New business opportunities.

All-in-one with AdSigner Partner Program.

In April 2020, the AdSigner team launched a carefully designed Partner Program. Based on global models of loyalty programs, it offers a well thought-out business opportunity.

In addition to the regular monthly income, it allows a significant upgrade of the existing business, when the Partner can offer services, which complement the functionalities of AdSigner. We are talking about a wide range of professions, such as graphic designers, IT designers, marketing strategists, project managers and media planners.

In particular, AdSigner Partner Program anticipates a promising business opportunity for Advertising and Media Agencies. As it offers improved advertising strategies and additional communication channel for their clients, it is an important complement to their business model. This way, it enables new sales opportunities within the often-neglected channel of existing customers, and thus their exponential development.

AdSigner Partner Program opens up a wide variety of new business options. Photo: iStock

Additionally to the recurring monthly margin, AdSigner Partner Program opens up a wide variety of new business options:

  • upgrade of any media plan – Since every company uses email communication, media and advertising agencies can upgrade media plan for all their existing customers. With AdSigner’s help, agencies can increase their business with existing email recipients because every employee becomes instantly a sales person.

  • AdSigner empowers the communication channel of existing email recipients. It surely is the simplest yet extremely cost-effective way of promoting your services; furthermore, AdSigner gives you extra opportunities to cross-sell and upsell. All AdSigner advertising can be scheduled.

  • complementing any communication strategy - Every company is already using email so AdSigner is a crucial upgrade to their existing internal and external business communication. Activities among departments are thus more coordinated and the company’s presence on the market even more sovereign.

  • extension of integrated marketing communication - Each moment a new ad banner can be sent via email signature by AdSigner which means that any advertising message included can be perfectly in line with the advertising strategy on the other communication channels.

  • a cost-effective advertising channel - For a reasonable monthly AdSigner subscription every user gets unlimited advertising opportunities, to nurture the brand and business market appearance on a daily basis.

  • cross-selling of Partner’s primary services - The Partner can independently offer and charge its own services that complement AdSigner functionalities, such as banner design, planning, implementation and management of advertising campaigns, etc.

This way the Advertising and Media Agencies can mutually develop their business as a win-win combination of both:

  • nurturing the existing Agency’s clients, offering them the competitive advantage of a new advertising channel;
  • acquiring new customers through the AdSigner Partner Program, which you can also service with your regular agency offer (media plans, communication strategies, graphic design, etc.).

Welcome to AdSigner Partner Program today.

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