Hierarchy of accounts, organisations, groups, signatures and campaigns

Familiarize yourself with the AdSigner hierarchy structure.

Account is a user who is managing the organisation’s profile.

The personal account carries information about personal settings such as language, email subscriptions, avatar, login method and offers the ability to edit billing information. Different account roles are available and can be given by main accounts (Owner and Admin):

  • Owner has all permissions, including management
  • Admin can do everything an owner can, except for giving owner permissions and managing billing and plan information.
  • Editors can work with all entries including signatures, campaigns and templates, yet they cannot delete anything. They also can invite someone to use a specific signature.
  • Viewer can review all entries, but cannot edit or delete anything.

Organisation profile is a cluster of different templates, signatures and campaigns of a company.

Organisation profile carries information on billing profile, monthly plan and managing permissions of corresponding accounts.

Billing profiles and user roles (permissions) of the organisation profile can be managed by the main account (owner).

Templates define the layout of your signature and differ in number and position of contained information fields, which you can add or remove optionally. AdSigner offers all most commonly used signature information fields and many additional features such as:

  • name - signature user’s full name
  • title - signature user’s official position or academic qualification
  • company - signature user’s company name
  • address - signature user’s or company’s location address
  • email address - signature user’s email
  • phone number - signature user’s contact number of a landline telephone
  • mobile phone number - signature user’s contact number of a mobile telephone
  • fax number - signature user’s contact number of a fax
  • website - signature user’s or company’s website URL
  • avatar - signature user’s profile image
  • logo - an image representing the company
  • banner - advertising banner image
  • social icons - entry points to the signature user’s or company’s social networks: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter

Email signature contains personal information of an email sender such as name, company, phone number, email, business position, etc. When designed carefully, it differentiates your emails from others’. If equipped with a professional advertising banner, e-signature can help you promote your business through an advertising campaign.

Campaign is a combination of professionally designed email signature and advertising banner, which simultaneously appear in your email within a scheduled period.

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