Upgrade monthly plan

Owner and Admin can upgrade the organisation’s limited plan or free trial to paid, unlimited plan anytime.

The performance change takes effect immediately and will show on the next subscription invoice. Charges will be split according to the exact time (in seconds) that your organisation was on each plan during the billing period.

All services and products (eg. email signatures per organisation, served images and clicked links per email) of a paid plan are invoiced at the end of your monthly billing period.

  • Free trial: Click on Free trial: 14 days remaining button ,
    limited plan: Go to Organisations at the upper right drop down menu. > Click . > Click Edit.
  • Fill in the Name of a billing profile. > Create a new billing profile by clicking on Select billing > Fill in form. > Click Save billing profile
  • When finished, click Save organization button . Your paid account is activated. Read more about monthly pricing »

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