Import users from a CSV file / </br> Active Directory / Google Workspace

  • Click Users in the main menu bar.
  • Click Add user in the top right corner.
  • Navigate to the Connect source tab and click it.
  • Click the dotted field to create a data source.
  • Depending on your import type:

    - CSV file: Select the file you wish to import,
    - Active Directory: Connect your Microsoft account…,
    - Google workspace: Connect your Google account…,
  • When the file is uploaded, you can change the name of your data set in the Dataset name field.
  • Underneath the dotted field, there’s a field called Data key expression. Here, you must enter the key value/column name from your dataset. We will use the information in that column to divide the users in the dataset itself.
  • When you’ve added the key value, you can check the values of your imported dataset under the Sample users section, and you can see the keyed values under the Sample keys section.
  • If everything is in order, press Save data set.
  • The imported users should be added under your User list.


  • Navigate to the list of users.
  • Scroll all the way to the left, and press plus button. We are going to add a column.
  • Enter the column key. The key must be lower caps, and can only contain letters, numbers and an underline. This value will be used to differentiate itself from other columns.
  • Label your column.
  • Select its data type.
  • Check the Get value from external datasources checkbox.
  • In the Column expression field, enter the following:
    - Name_of_your_dataset.column_name
  • Then, press Add.
  • The new column will be added at the beginning of the list, next to the Identifier column.
  • The new column info can also be edited under each Users editing page and is now also available to be used in templates.

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