Manage templates

Templates define the layout and common data for all your signatures.

  • Click Templates in the menu bar.
  • To view, edit or delete any template, click three dots at the top right corner of each individual template card.
  • You can also duplicate a template, which can prove useful if you only want to change a couple of fields but keep everything else the same.
  • Use the editing tool to:
    • rewrite the code of any existing template,
    • add additional information fields,
    • change the content of information fields,
    • lock / unlock existing information fields.
  • Fill the details with the information common to all signatures that will be using this template.
    You will often want to disable signature users from modifying some template fields to preserve the consistency of your signatures. When editing, you can click the slider to the left of a certain field, to either unlock or lock / particular information from being edited in signatures. When adding images, you can use our image editing tool to resize, rotate or flip the image, add a filter to it, or round its corners.
  • When finished, click Save template

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