Create your first user and signature

  • Firstly, take a look at the layout grid, where you can choose the layout of your signature.
  • To start creating your first user, simply enter your full name and title.
  • The Preview section is already changing as you’re editing your user’s data.
  • Enter all the remaining information and make sure to link it too, so you make it easy for others to simply click on their preferred way of contacting.
  • Proceed by moving on to the next tab and fill in your company’s information.
  • In the next tab you can choose the icon style to fit whichever colour or shape you prefer.
  • The only icons that will show up on your signature are the ones you link manually.
  • Make sure to select the right protocol – http or https – to ensure that the link will work as intended.
  • Our editor also gives you the option to completely change the font family, colour and size of each individual part of your signature.
  • In the last tab, you can upload a picture to serve as a banner on the top or bottom of your signature, depending on your layout.
  • When you’re happy with your signature, press Create template .
  • To learn how to use your signature, press instructions, select your email client and follow the step-by-step tutorial.
  • With the creation of your first signature, you’ve also created your own template, your first campaign and you’ve also added data to your first user!

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