Navigate AdSigner dashboard

Menu bar provides entry points to all major AdSigner functionalities:

  • overview
  • campaigns
  • signatures
  • templates
  • images

At the top right corner you can find:

  • a question-mark icon as a shortcut to the User manual and helpful tooltips,
  • an avatar icon as an entry point to your personal account information. Here you can:
    • choose the language of your AdSigner online service,
    • view your signatures,
    • subscribe to the e-newsletter,
    • change login method,
    • deactivate your account,
    • edit your billing profile and information,
    • view your organisations,
    • log out from AdSigner.

Organisations option in the dropdown menu provides you with information on all your organisations’ profiles. Here you can:

  • create a new organisation,
  • upgrade your monthly plan,
  • change billing profile,
  • give other people access and manage permissions.

At the top left, you can find the name of organisation you are managing at the moment. By clicking on the drop-down arrow Get free template you can switch between organisations.

You can find more about AdSigner hierarchy structure in the section Hierarchy of accounts, organisations, groups, signatures and campaigns »

Homepage statistics

Ever since your first campaign has been created, the Overview homepage provides a summary of the major statistics about your ad campaigns and signatures:

  1. overview of all campaigns
  2. devices used to view e-mails with campaigns
  3. banner performance
  4. viewed e-mails by location
  5. viewed e-mails by time
Menu bar

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